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Geothermal heat pumps continue to gain popularity in Washington, DC and surrounding areas as an ideal solution to temperature control.  Tapping into the stable temperature underground, these systems take advantage of a free energy source to significantly trim the cost of heating and cooling.  The average two thousand square foot home can be kept comfortable, all year round, for about a dollar a day.  While the initial investment is higher, when compared to traditional HVAC equipment, the savings typically recover the cost in under five years.  Contact H.D. Johnson at (202) 470-6620 for further information, knowledgeable recommendations, and skilled system design/installation.

Energy Efficient Geothermal HVAC System Installs

Considered the most environmentally friendly option for indoor temperature control by the EPA, the installation of a geothermal system reduces your carbon footprint while providing a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.  A small amount of energy is required to operate the heat pump, which provides both heating and cooling capacity, without introducing contaminants into breathing air.  The heat pump is quiet, efficient, and because it is protected from weather, can be expected to last around twenty years.  The underground loop system typically provides over fifty years of dependable operation.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, H.D. Johnson is specifically qualified in geothermal technology and we offer a range of the most innovative options on the market.  Our certified professionals are highly trained, extensively experienced, and provide design/installation, seasonal maintenance, skilled repair, and 24/7 Emergency Service throughout Bethesda, MD, Chevy Chase, MD, Washington, DC, Arlington, VA, McLean, VA, Silver Spring, MD & Potomac, MD.